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A Shift in Energy…

Some strange things are going on in my life and I’m hoping to be able to use the shift in energies to my advantage this time, instead of just being picked up like a house in a tornado and dropped who knows where.

They are messing with my schedule at work. The person writing the schedule seems to have a problem with me wanting to go to church on Sunday and even more of a problem with me volunteering to help with counting the offering, etc. I don’t know what that is all about but if it becomes a problem I will have to go to Human Resources. It’s just all of a sudden, so something is not right.

It’s no secret that I don’t really *like* my job, but as far as my attitude goes, I’m no worse than anyone else who works in a job they really don’t enjoy because they have to to keep a roof over their head. I’ve worked in retail for over 25 years and I’ve never liked it but it was what was available. If I could make my living as an artist, I would, but it seems like it’s just not possible.

I’ve noticed that, at least for me, being an artist sort of puts me on the outside. The people around me like my work, and some even buy and/or commission me to do work for them. But they don’t “get” me. They don’t understand what drives me to do what I do. Shit, *I* don’t understand it sometimes. There are times when I don’t even bother to show my work to people because I know they’ll say “oh, that’s really good”, but then they just forget it and move on. As artists, I wonder if we all crave validation, acknowledgement, some assurance that what we do matters. I mean, to many people, it doesn’t. I put art here because here there are people with whom I have things in common, whether it be subject matter, talent or skill level or something else.

A good example of this is my Star Trek fan art. I had someone the other day comment on one of my latest “Spirk” paintings with the “O_o” symbol. As if to say, “what the f*ck?” Okay, so you’re not into Spirk. That’s cool. I do the art I do because I enjoy it. In this particular case it doesn’t matter to me if someone doesn’t get it, because there are many who do, and who completely understand. As for this “regular job” dilemma, I’m keeping a watchful eye on things and trying to be prepared if the twister blows through my world.

Okay here is another one. Same face, changed up. It’s hot on New Vulcan!

Okay here is another one. Same face, changed up. It’s hot on New Vulcan!

Heheh. I weirded some guy out on DeviantArt with my latest Spirk portrait. He replied with O_o, you know, dafuq? Well, dude, what are you doing looking at fangirly stuff like Spirk anyway? O_o?

nothin-but-my-bones asked: I have only watched 4 episodes of Star Trek TOS so far but I'm not hooked yet. I only started to become interested in Star Trek because of the first Reboot movie.

Well, you can’t go wrong with Chris PIne and Zachary Quinto!

nothin-but-my-bones asked: Wow. O.O I started to draw more in 2009 after getting a sketchbook for Christmas. But my drawings and pieces are mostly Ponies, hardly anything Star Trek related.

I’ve worked in a variety of mediums, but the digital tablet, which I’m using now, is great for my photo-realistic style.

Draw whatever you like. I’ve been a Trekker since the original series aired. I was 11 years old and fascinated with Spock. I identified with him because he was a misfit, as was I in those days.

nothin-but-my-bones asked: Your art is awesome and the most realistic I've seen so far!

Thanks! I’ve been doing portraits for 45 years. Yeah, I’m an oldie!

Afternoon nap. Digital painting.

Afternoon nap. Digital painting.